Facial Rejuvenation Class

Natural Facial Rejuvenation

Wednesday June 19, 6-9pm


The incessant demands of today’s world subject people to increasingly high levels of stress, pressure and performance anxiety. These constant physical and emotional tensions get expressed in the face and can erode our energy and capacity to function clearly and effectively.

The facial rejuvenation process is an easy to do touch massage that relaxes the muscles and disperses the emotional and physical tension so that you feel and look calmer and more at ease. Ancient acupuncture points are contacted through a gentle process called “listening touch.”

These have been developed by Dr. Susan Lange and Mary Louise Muller to access and relax deep parts of the body. Harmonious balancing hormones and other substances are released naturally into the body during the process.

In working very simply with the face, many other parts of the body are affected. This technique disburses stress and emotional tension so that not only is the face calmer and more relaxed, but the entire body Is more at ease and comfortable as well.












In this class you will learn:

  • Facial massage that improves the flow of lymph, Blood and Chi
  • An easy technique to lessen past trauma
  • 7 Acupuncture points
  • A five minute rejuvenator blitz

Prerequisite: none, just a desire to improve yourself with self care

Who can take this class: Anyone 15 years or older

Cost: $75

What to bring:

  • pillow to rest your elbows on a table or your lap - I suggest a standard bed pillow
  • hand mirror so you can observe your face at the beginning and end of class

What to Wear:

  • comfortable clothes.  No turtle necks as we'll be working on the neck as well

What is provided:

  • snacks
  • note paper & pen
  • procedure notes 


Wednesday June 19, 6-9pm

You must call to register for this class



*If the class time does not fit in your schedule, let me know and I'll find a date that works for you!

*Class size is limited to 6 people