Reviews from 2015
Nov 4, 2015
Helen D

Monthly Happiness

"Always refreshing, relaxing, and therapeutic! Sometimes I don't recognize how much I need my monthly massage until I am there and enjoying it. "
Nov 1, 2015
Bob Bunch

Always a pleasure

"Every visit is a new and rewarding experience. I get to do something for my better self that helps me be healthier and happier. It is also the best value I could hope to get for the money I spend. I am sure I will continue to be a satisfied client for a long time."
Sep 15, 2015
Jo Hanson 


"Jill always looks for therapies that do her clients the most good. She goes out of her way to accommodate necessary appointment changes. Most of all she knows a number of therapy techniques extremely well and continues to advance her knowledge through seminars and workshops. You would enjoy her pleasant personality! 
July 24, 2015
anna sparks

Massage and craniosacral therapies

"Good hands and great craniosacral. Good communication and positive energy. Will definitely make many more visits. "
July 13, 2015

Pain relief/relaxation

"I live with pain in my lower back and my shoulders. Jill's technique has given me pain free days I never would have had without the craniosacral massage she does for me. I can't imagine life without it! She has decreased my pain tremendously. I love the relaxation I feel both there and then after my appointment. I would recommend Jill to anyone who has any sort of pain either chronic or sporadic for much needed relief! "
July 2, 2015
Helen D

Nothing better...

"Wow...what a way to spend a Birthday with a massage! Enjoyed it very much, and now feel relaxed and ready to face anything that comes my way! "
June 2, 2015
Helen Durgin

Oh so good...

"I look forward to a massage every month. I am never disappointed, and always leave feeling relaxed and happy! "
June 1, 2015
Mike Thompson

Always good

"As always, I feel so much better after a massage from Jill. I wish that I had the time to make it a weekly occurrence."
May 3, 2015
Becky DelGiudice


"WOW! That was a wonerdful experience. I was completely relaxed and at peace! Thank you again Jill for a job better than well done!!!!"
Apr 24, 2015
Mike Thompson

Great Experience

"I feel so much better after one of Jill's messages. She seems to heal areas that I had given up on. She indeed has magic hands!"
Apr 10, 2015
Helen Durgin

Massage Therapy

"Wow...I never realized how tense my body really was until I had the full massage. I have more energy, movement freedom, and I even noticed better circulation, (my feet are no longer cold). Wonderful experience; cannot wait until my next one!"
Mar 13, 2015
Nancy Sobieck

Hot Rock

"I had never had a Hot Rock Massage. I did on March 13, 2015. Loved it very much. Jill did a great job. Makes you feel good all over. I will for sure do this again."
Feb 22, 2015
Bob Bunch

A regular client

"I have been a client of Jill's for several years and plan to be one for many more. She is very talented and continues to learn new and helpful techniques. I always look forward to my session and always feel great during and after. It is one of the best things I do for myself. "
Feb 18, 2015
John Thorson

Very Satisfied Client

"Jill is very competent and always exploring ways to improve her techniques and her clients' health. She listens and takes time to assess her clients' condition and develops and adheres to a thearaputic plan--but she encourages feedback to modify the plan accordingly. "
Feb 9, 2015

Attentive and Relaxing

"Great Experience! Just the right amount of gentle and deep pressures. .................................................."
Feb 4, 2015
Shirley N

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

"I had a head, neck and arm treatment and slept all night without braces. I will go back for further treatments as needed. Great experience !"
Jan 16, 2015
Sue Bartholomew

Relief - SB

"Jill was excellent in relieving my pain. I have had chronic pain in my neck & shoulders & at times Migranes Headaches from a Horse Accident in 1992. I have a Bone Sprur in my lower neck from the accident. I also have trouble with lower back pain & she was Wonderful... She is very caring and Helped Me so much also with DE-Stressing me. I believe Jill to be excellent and a Great Therpaist and very good at what she does. "

Caring and Talented

" Sciatic pain that hangs on chronically tends to be debilitating. Jill has provided relief through her therapies. Jill is one of the most caring individuals I have ever known. She goes the extra mile to find something that will help people have a life without pain and to provide a de-stressing atmosphere in which to do it. I recommend Jill without reservation to those with pain issues & those who feel 'bogged down' with the stresses and demands of life. She is a talented therapist!"

It was heavenly!

I get massages quite frequently, this was my first time w Jill. What I absolutely loved was that her hands continuously had contact with my body which made the massage flow so naturally. I fell asleep twice which is the first time ever which indicates my body was totally relaxed!!! Thanks Jill!!

Shelly Quackenbush


 Highly Recommended!  

I was having severe pain in my neck and shoulders, I saw Jill's sign on the side of the road. I recommended a friend to her and then decided to go myself. Jill did an excellent job doing the deep tissue massage. I haven't felt this good in a while. Jill is very personable and is very conscientious about going to deep or not deep enough, she wants your input during the entire massage. I will recommend her again and again.



 I Highly Reccomend Jill
Jill has become a very skilled massage therapist. She is capable of deep work which is hard to find. She is great about communication during the massage, I.e. making sure she is deep enough, not too deep, etc. I like her online booking service. She is professional about calling me back promptly and cares for her clients enough to get me in when I need her. 
Sally Lilja


Great Massage!
I try to schedule a visit a couple of times a month. I have seen three other massage therapists, all of which I enjoyed and benefited from, and none of them seemed as qualified and skilled as Jill. I have also gone to her for a Reiki appointment and found it very healthful and enlightening. I think massage is one of the best things I can do to keep healthy.
Bob Bunch


Jill gave me a fantastic massage! She asked if I had any problem areas, and made sure they were given extra attention. She made me feel comfortable during the massage, and adjusted her pressure according to my preferences. She is a great massage therapist, and I highly recommend her!
Bethany White


Jill is professional, capable, and knows her stuff! Her small area is attractive, with a bathrobe, candles, and quiet music. She responds to the pressure level you request. I've found her studying and applying new knowledge each visit.

 I have gone to Jill a few times in the last 12 months. My body tends to hold tension & stress in my neck & back areas in which Jill was very happy to work on these areas for me. She has great movement with her hands & does a wonderful job. I always feel more calm & relaxed after a session. I highly recommend her.

Daylin Heward


I went to Jill Hermes Message Therapy to help with the lack of flexibility and range of motion with my lower back due to old age muscle constriction and to help my legs with the chronic muscle cramps and issues from earlier injuries. Jill set up a therapy program that is working for me to regain some of the mobility I have lost. I have gained more mobility in my lower back and my legs are less prone to muscle cramps after long business trips.